6 IRS Tax Debt Relief Myths

Tax Debt Relief Myths

IRS tax debt forgiveness myths about the fresh start initiative, IRS levy, tax debts, audits & more that are confusing when it comes to dealing with irs back taxes and getting an offer in compromise or installment plan.

Taxes may be a certainty but understanding all the pieces of the tax code can quickly get confusing. It may seem that for every rule, there are qualifications and exceptions.

Even after you think you understand what laws apply in your situation, being able to get the right result can be difficult.

IRS Tax Debt Relief Expert


Offer in Compromise
Payroll Tax Debt
Wage Garnishment
Tax Lien Removal
Delinquent Taxes
IRS Transcript Analysis
Currently Not Collectible
IRS Audit Representation
Tax Debt Relief
Back Taxes Help
Unfilled Tax Returns
IRS Tax Levy
Penalty Abatement
IRS Instalment Agreement
Innocent Spouse Relief
Collection Statute Expiration

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