IRS Audit Representation

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Audit Representation

What is Tax Audit Representation?

Tax audit representation, also called audit defense, is a service in which a tax or legal professional stands in on behalf of a taxpayer (an individual or legal entity) during an IRS or state income tax audit.

During an income tax audit or examination, the IRS and all states allow a taxpayer to have an authorized representative. The representative must have permission to practice before the IRS or state, and specific credentials are required. The types of representatives who are allowed to represent taxpayers before the IRS in income tax audits include attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents.

An audit representative develops the strategy used to defend the taxpayer’s position. He or she assists the taxpayer in preparing all documents requested by the taxing authority and typically attends all meetings and handles correspondence on behalf of the taxpayer.

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IRS audit representation is a type of tax debt resolution in which a tax attorney stands in on behalf of a taxpayer during an IRS audit. During a tax audit, the IRS allows taxpayers to have an authorized representative, which includes enrolled agents, CPAs, and attorneys.

The IRS audit representative will develop a strategy beforehand and use it to defend the taxpayer’s position. Their work also includes preparing documents that are requested by the taxing authority, as well as handling correspondence and attending meetings on behalf of the taxpayer.

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