Innocent Spouse Relief

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It is usual for married taxpayers to file a joint tax return. With this case, both taxpayers are individually and jointly asked with the tax, interest, and/or penalties due on the joint return even if they divorce later. If you are married to someone who owes taxes, and your refund was seized to pay his or her tax debt, TheCPATaxProblemSolver can help you resolve this tax problem. Our tax debt resolution team provides innocent spouse relief.


It is said, the IRS holds each spouse responsible to pay the tax. If no one pays the tax debt, the IRS proceeds to find after each of you individually for the entire tax debt. It does not matter if you experience the middle of a divorce proceeding or are already divorced, you are still liable for the tax debt.

Does the IRS let you off the hook if a state court says you are not responsible for the tax debt? Unfortunately, no. The IRS is federal jurisdiction. It ignores state proceedings when collecting or assessing federal income tax.

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