Owe more than $10,000 to IRS?
Although any amount of back tax debt will cause considerable stress, the pressure becomes extremely severe when the responsibility approaches five figures.
Between late filing fees, late payment penalties and compounded interest on a regular basis, your IRS debt will easily add up, making it virtually difficult to manage financial needs from other aspects of your life.⁠
Sadly , many people are messing up or totally ignoring their IRS back tax debt issues despite these turmoil.
This strategy based on avoidance leads to even bigger problems going down the lane.
When in doubt, it is better to negotiate with the IRS proactively, TheCPATaxProblemSolver is here for you to work out a tax settlement.
Tax Settlement

Back Taxes refers to taxes that are a financial hardship and have not been paid. I help file back taxes, get an IRS settlement, and get you on the road to financial freedom!

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