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Keith Jones, CPA IRS Tax and Expert in Tax Relief
Keith Jones, CPA, a tax debt relief expert in Jacksonville & Destin who knows about how to get the best tax relief possible & offers free consultations.

The IRS announced in late 2020 the Taxpayer Relief Initiative created to assist taxpayers not able to pay the debt due to the pandemic (IR-2020-248).

Folks who owe debt but could not afford to pay have always had options like Installment Agreements or Payment Plans with monthly payments or submitting an Offer in Compromise.

However now they have MORE options to pay their income taxes based on their individual financial situation to avoid Federal Liens or Wage Garnishments.

What Others Are Saying About Keith Jones, CPA

Frank B.

Satisfied Customer

Keith handles all of my tax and accounting work and does a fine job. I don’t have to worry about it one ☝️ bit!

Josh B.

Satisfied Customer

I thought my last CPA was Great till i hired Keith L. Jones, CPA. He has gone above and beyond to clean up last guys mess and then some. I do not know what i would do without him.

Donna B.

Satisfied Customer

I spoke with keith and he put me at ease... Not Knowing which way to turn he guided me and helped me sort out my issues with confidence. He never made me feel rushed or that my problems were not important. A real personable professional. Thank you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

Steve S.

Satisfied Customer

Keith took me as a client and repaired my taxes that were previously messed up by a different tax service. All of this for a very reasonable price.

He's extremely knowledgeable and very good at what he does. At no time does he make you feel as though you are at the end of a rope.

I can guarantee you if you use Keith, he will most definitely get your taxes straightened out and save you as much money as legally possible.

I'll never use anyone else.

Amos P.

Satisfied Customer

I have known Duke since he was a little boy. He is highly intelligent, honest, and fantastic to work with! He is not only very professional and intelligent, but he is also extremely personable and committed to his clients' success. I highly recommend Keith!

Kim M.

Satisfied Customer

Keith has been a tremendous help navigating my first experience on an HOA board. He is always quick to respond and answer my questions, advising me on how to handle different issues that come up. He has provided our tax services since the beginning of my taking over finances and has been an asset to me in the growth of our HOA.

Owe more than $10,000?
Although any amount of back taxes or IRS problem will cause considerable stress, the pressure becomes extremely severe when the responsibility approaches five figures.
Between late filing fees, late payment penalties & compounded interest, IRS debt easily adds up, making it IMPOSSIBLE to manage financial needs from other parts of your life.⁠
Sadly, many people are totally ignoring their IRS debt issues despite turmoil.
This strategy leads to even BIGGER problems DOWN THE ROAD.
When in doubt, it is better to negotiate proactively.
TheCPATaxProblemSolver is here to HELP work out a settlement.

We understand that facing an IRS issue can be very concerning.

Please take heart and rest easy knowing that what you are going through is something that has been solved for others many times before.

We are here to do the same for you.

Keith offers a Tax Debt Settlement Analysis in all situations.

We accept all major credit cards and with work with you on in-house financing!

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How many years must you file?

You can file a return for any prior year, but the IRS typically requires taxpayers to file back returns for the last six years in order to avoid delinquency enforcement procedures.

According to IRS policy, it takes managerial approval to go back more than six years.

Relief in Disaster Situations

If you've been affected by a federally declared disaster such as a hurricane, the IRS may provide people in your region with an automatic extension to file and pay your taxes.

Typically you're eligible if you live or have a business in the federally declared disaster area.

You might also be able to deduct some of your personal property losses that are not covered by insurance or other reimbursements.

The IRS maintains a list of the disaster situations for which it is offering tax relief.

Back Taxes are Often a Financial Hardship & CANNOT be paid.
I help file back taxes, get a honest settlement & put you on the road to financial freedom!
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